Drita Dushaj obtained her LLB degree from ULB in 2002.

Since 2002, she has been a lawyer at the French-speaking Brussels bar and, alongside a general practitioner practice, has specialized in private international law, family law and the law of foreigners. She is a member of the “criminal”, “family” and “foreigners” sections of the French Order of Lawyers of the Brussels Bar.

Since 1996 she has obtained a Doctorate in Law from the University of Tirana and since 1995 she has a BA in Information and Communication / Journalism option.

From 2007 to 2017, she was a political expert for the International Criminal Court.

From 2017 to 2020, she was Deputy Legal Adviser at the European Court of Human Rights.

She is a member of APNU (the Association for the United Nations / promotion of the UN in Belgium).

She has participated as a speaker in various trainings and seminars on human rights and has published in these matters.

Drita Dushaj works in French, German, English, Albanian.

She has a good command of Serbo-Croatian and Russian and a passive knowledge of Italian, Dutch and Arabic.

  • Private international law: Recognition of foreign civil status documents (marriage, divorce, adoption, kafala, ..) property deeds, international displacement of children, etc.
  • Criminal law: Traffic tickets, traffic offenses, misdemeanors and crimes, detention and imprisonment, European arrest warrant, extradition, etc.
  • Family law: Separation, child custody, support contribution, divorce, support payments, liquidation-partition, filiation, adoption, collaborative family law, etc.
  • Youth law: Child in danger, child in conflict with the law, school law, etc.
  • Foreigners’ law: Asylum applications, regularization, establishment in Belgium, work permit, family reunification, acquisition of nationality, etc.
  • Civil law: Leases, civil liability, formation or execution of contracts, debt collection, etc.
  • Social law: Social assistance and social integration law, GRAPA, etc.
  • International criminal law: Involvement in genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes, appearance before international courts, etc.
  • Humanitarian law: Collaboration with the International Red Cross and the Belgian Red Cross,

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