"Law is the art of good and just"


After 20 years of existence under the name Avowyn, the law firm previously located rue de Wynants, 23 in 1000 Brussels now exists under the name Ulpianus.

Ulpian is a first century AD jurisconsult who made famous the formula of one of his predecessors: “Law is the art of the good and the just.” This sentence perfectly reflects the philosophy of our cabinet, wanting like Ulpian “to separate the just from the iniquitous, to distinguish the lawful from the illegal, to wish to make individuals good, not only by the fear of punishment but also by the encouragement of rewards, aspiring to the true philosophy, not the false one. “

Ulpianus is a generalist and experienced law firm that offers quality services to the entire population, without exclusions.

Several of its members enjoy academic and university recognition.

We offer more than expertise focused on legal and technical aspects. Whether in the context of advice, an opinion or the complete processing of a file, the pragmatic approach, rigor, respect for people and human issues are our priorities. Our conception of the profession of lawyer is in this respect nourished by passion.

Ulpianus deals with most areas of law, including family law, including aspects of private international law, criminal law, foreigners’ law, social law, juvenile law and children’s rights, traffic law, liability law, lease law, etc.