Mr Materne graduated in law from UCLouvain in 1998.

After his legal studies, he first invested himself in research in philosophy, ethics and religious sciences, before joining the Brussels Bar in 2011.

After having worked for ten years at the international law firm Philippe & Partners, where he acquired a wealth of experience, especially in the field of civil law (contracts and liability), insurance (damage compensation) and social law (labour, social insurance), Mr Materne joined ULPIANUS in 2023 as a Partner.

Trained in mediation (University of Liège, 2021), he is currently a certified mediator for civil and commercial matters.

Through his career, Mr. Materne has also acquired extensive experience with non-profit organisations, non-profit associations and foundations. He is particularly concerned with charitable organisations.

Mr Materne has also taught in Louvain-la-Neuve (UCLouvain, IAD) and has given numerous legal training courses to a varied public, including at ABILWAYS BELGIUM.  

In 2022, the magazine Les Décideurs (Leader’s League) listed Mr. Materne as one of the recommended lawyers in employment law for Belgium.

Pierre Yves Materne practices law in the languages: French, and English

  • Labour law and social security law
    • Contracts, employment regulations, specific policies
    • Breach of contract (dismissal, resignation, medical force majeure)
    • Occupational accidents, occupational diseases
    • International mobility (single permit, secondment)
    • Teleworking
    • Well-being at work (harassment, burn-out…)
    • Privacy (GDPR)
    • Disabled persons
    • Social assistance
    • Disputes with the social authorities  
    • Social criminal law, control by social inspectorates 
  • Liability and compensation law (personal injury)
    • Road accidents
    • Medical accidents
    • Sports accident
    • School accident
    • Accident at work
  • Law of associations and foundations (non profit sector).
    • Drafting of statutes
    • Disputes between shareholders/directors
    • Mediation